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Exciting Changes to Employment Law Starting 6 April 2024!

We’re thrilled to announce significant updates to employment law that will benefit employees across England, Scotland, and Wales. These forward-thinking changes are designed to enhance your work-life balance and offer greater support. Here’s what you can look forward to:

Enhanced Flexible Working Options:

- Double Your Requests: Now, you can make two flexible working requests per year!

- Faster Responses: Employers must respond within two months, instead of three.

- Transparent Denials: If a request is denied, employers must provide clear reasons.

- Immediate Eligibility: Start requesting flexible working from day one of employment.

Introducing Carer’s Leave:

- Support for Caregivers: Enjoy one week of unpaid leave each year to care for a loved one with a disability, old age, illness, or injury.

- No Waiting Period: This leave is available from your first day on the job.

Increased Redundancy Protection for Expecting and New Parents:

- Extended Security: Protection from redundancy now lasts 18 months for those on parental leave.

- Priority Placement: If your role is made redundant, you’ll get first dibs on any suitable vacancies.

- Early Start: Protection kicks in as soon as you notify your employer of your pregnancy.

More Flexibility for Paternity Leave:

- Split Your Leave: Take your two weeks of paternity leave in two separate one-week blocks.

- Extended Window: Enjoy the flexibility to take your leave anytime within the first year of your child’s birth.

- Easier Planning: Reduced notice period for taking each week of leave to just 28 days.

These changes are designed to make your work life more adaptable and supportive of your personal commitments.